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Life at College

Student Support/Services


Every student in College is part of a small coaching group that meets weekly for mutual support, advice and guidance.  The coach establishes a close working relationship with their small group of students through weekly meeting and one to one appointments within those meetings.  Progress is reviewed, targets set and the coach will help their students to access all of the support they need.

Additional Support is also available:

Study Support Coach

There is considerable support for students with special study needs. We have a Study Support Coach, Roger Brock, who is a trained specialist in helping students with difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dyspraxia. 

For more general study support our Learning Facilitators can help with general study skills or offer 'catch up' programmes. The Learning Mentors are based in the Learning Zone.

The Care Suite is a very popular state –of- the- art facility for students with a disability, serious illness or injury. Students returning to College following surgery or serious illness find it useful as a place to rest and study during their free periods, alongside students who are stressed or just need time to relax.

Learning Facilitators

Working within the Learning Zone, the Learning Facilitators can assist with study skills, proof-reading of coursework, general numeracy, literacy and organisation.  Sessions can be timetabled or accessed on a drop-in basis.

College Counsellors

The College provides trained counsellors on site for students. This is a free, confidential service aimed at helping students if they are facing difficulties which they feel uncomfortable talking to their parents/guardians or coach about.

Appointments can be made on:
tel: 01708 514 476

The Zone

Members of the College Care Team work alongside students with specific requirements in the following ways;

  • Supporting smooth transitions including work around EHCPs
  • Specialist interviews (with a senior member of staff and the Care Team)
  • Assistance with movement within the College
  • Classroom support, eg note taking
  • The purchase and maintenance of specialist equipment
  • Assistance with personal needs if required
  • Accompanying students on trips
  • Special arrangements for examinations
  • Liaison between academic, pastoral staff, parents and external agencies.

The Care Suite

The Care Suite is a state-of-the-art facility offering rest, showering and toilet facilities for students with a disability, serious illness or injury. The Care Suite is managed by a fully qualified team of experts who have considerable experience in dealing with students with particular physical, medical or emotional needs. Other kinds of support available at the College include:

  • Induction loop system
  • Lift access
  • Most of the College is wheelchair accessible
  • Handouts and other materials can be enlarged or produced in a variety of formats/colours
  • 'Text Help' is available on a number of computers
  • Parking is available for students with disabilities
  • Specialist support for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD