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Life at College

Christmas Update

We are nearly at the end of term and students have completed their second Key Assessment of the year, you are now able to access their grades on Pro-Portal. You will also find that subject teachers have added a comment on your son’s/daughter’s progress. The support you have offered to your son/daughter has been invaluable in helping them to succeed. More parents than ever before came to the parent consultation evening, due to the large numbers there were some queues. We will review this before our next parent evening.

It has been a very good term. Feedback tells us that students are working well, attendance rates are the highest they have ever been and most students are determined to be successful and achieve the highest grades they can. There are a small number of students that have not been able to meet the standards of conduct that we require of them, we have required a small number to leave as a result of this.

May I wish you a Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2018. Your son/daughter should relax and enjoy the break, but they should also be doing some college work during the Christmas holiday so that they are ready to return on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Kind regards

Paul Wakeling