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Principal's Messages

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  • Summer Term

    Published 21/06/19

    The last few weeks of the summer term sees a number of activities taking place at the College.

    Monday 24th June to Wednesday 26th June end of year exams will take place. Your son/daughter has their timetable and should have planned their revision accordingly. These exams are very important as the results will be used by teachers to predict grades for A Level results next year.

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  • Key Assessment 3

    Published 10/04/19

    Teachers have recently entered the third key assessment for students for this academic year, and you can view the grades for your son or daughter by clicking the 'Half Term Progress Reports' link on ProMonitor (which you can access through our website using the link below). 

    Monitoring Student Progress

    This grade may be based on one single assessment, or it may be an average of several. 


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  • Message to parents - Key Assessment 3

    Published 25/03/19

    Key Assessment 3 will be published on Friday 5th April and this will tell you how well your son/daughter is progressing and will give you an indication of their final grades at College.

    Your son/daughter should heed the feedback they have been given by their subject teachers. By acting on this guidance their work will develop and improve, which will help them to achieve their full potential.

    The College breaks up for Easter on Friday 12th April. The holiday is a chance for students to recharge batteries, yet at the same time is an opportunity to complete assignments and prepare for the summer examinations.

    Please encourage your son/daughter to balance the need for a break whilst completing their College work.

    Kind regards

    Paul Wakeling, Principal

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  • Half Term Message

    Published 14/02/19

    The College breaks up for half term on Friday 15th February. Your son/daughter will need to complete work set for the break and also prepare themselves for the up and coming exams. Please encourage them to ensure to plan their work during the week.  They should create a timetable which identifies which subject/assignment they are going to do and the time they are going to spend doing it.

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  • Parents' Consultation Evening

    Published 05/02/19

    There is a Parents’ Consultation Evening on Tuesday 12th February, 4:45 pm – 7:45 pm which we would like you to attend with your son/daughter.

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  • Key Assessment 2

    Published 14/01/19

    On Friday 18th January we will be publishing Key Assessment 2. This key assessment will give you an indication of how well your son/daughter is progressing at College and whether they are meeting their target grades.

    We have reminded your son/daughter that they should be working with their Coach and subject teachers in identifying approaches to their studies which will lead to their highest performance.

    Your son/daughter should be doing at least an additional  5 hours of study per week in each of their subjects including revision in preparation for Assessment Week.

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  • Christmas Holidays

    Published 11/12/18

    We are fast approaching the end of term and the Christmas holidays.

    The last few days of the term are always very busy. For those of you with sons/daughters who are intending applying to university and have not yet completed their UCAS application I would ask that you encourage them to complete them as soon as possible, as the College is closed over the Christmas break and the staff of the CUBE will not be available to support applications.

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  • Parent Message

    Published 06/11/18

    On Friday 9th November the first Key Assessment will be published on your son’s/daughter’s Promonitor site. The Key Assessment will give you an indication of the progress your son/daughter is making in their studies.

    This is followed by a  Parents’ Consultation Evening on Tuesday 20th November 4:45 – 7:45 pm. which will give you an opportunity to discuss your son’s/daughter’s progress with their subject teachers.

    When making the appointments please make sure your son/daughters leave sufficient time between appointments to allow for travelling time between subject teachers.

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  • 2 weeks until Half-Term Break

    Published 08/10/18

    Your son/daughter has been reminded today that it is now 2 College weeks until the half-term break.

    Directly after half-term their teachers will give students (and parents) the first formal feedback through Key Assessment 1.

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  • Summer 2018

    Published 17/07/18

    It has been another excellent year at Havering Sixth Form College, staff and students are now enjoying a well-earned summer break and getting ready for the challenges of the new academic year.

    We started the year by receiving confirmation of the excellent destinations of our students. Our students attend top universities and secure excellent high-level and well paid apprenticeships. We know that Havering Sixth Form College is in the top 10% of all schools and colleges in the country for ensuring that our students progress to positive destinations.

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  • Summer Term Preparation

    Published 23/04/18

    Welcome back from your Easter break. Most of you have exams in the summer term (either your formal end of qualification exams or summer mocks) and there are only a few weeks to go before they begin.  You must now plan your time to ensure that you do sufficient work to be successful. Some ideas you should consider are:

    • Thinking about how you need to improve following your spring term mock
    • Reducing your hours of your part time job
    • Keeping a balance between your social life and academic work
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  • Key Week in College

    Published 23/02/18

    Next week is a key week in the College year.

    For students on BTEC programmes the normal timetable is suspended. Instead your son/daughter will be expected to attend specific workshops. The aim of these workshops is to ensure assignments are up to date and at the highest grade that they can be.

    The majority of our students will be sitting “mock” examinations in their A Level/GCSE subjects. This is an opportunity for your son/daughter to experience examination conditions at the College. There are three  exam sittings in each day starting at 8:30 a.m,  11:30 a.m and 1:30 p.m.  If your son/daughter arrives late they will not be able to sit the exam at the specified time.

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