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Study With Us

Admissions Cycle

Everything you need to know about applying:


Attend an event at your school

September onwards

The College attends information evenings, assemblies, careers fairs, parents’ evenings and workshops at schools in Havering and surrounding boroughs.

Meet us at your school




Subject research and selecting your programme of study

October onwards

Please fully research our subjects: their entry requirements, subject content and general information here.




Open Events

November onwards

This is an opportunity to visit the College, meet our staff and students, view our facilities and find out more about the subjects that we offer. Read more about our Open Days here.





Completing your online application

November onwards

We now welcome applications for September entry. Please do not rush, as it is important that you make the appropriate choice of programme and subjects.

When you are ready to apply, click here to select your chosen courses. If you are unsure which subject(s) to apply for, please do not be concerned, as this can be changed as part of our interview process.

Once your course selection is finalised, select the Apply Now link in your course basket and carefully complete the various sections on the online application form. If you realise that you have made a mistake please DO NOT submit a second application as this will create a duplicate record. You should telephone the Admissions Office and explain the changes that you wish to make.

The deadline for applications is end of January, although partner schools may set their own deadline. Late applications may still be considered in extenuating circumstances, however, they are likely to be subject to Subject restrictions. Very late applications will only be given consideration in late August after the GCSE results are published and preliminary enrolment numbers known.




February onwards

Interviews will be conducted at College during working hours and will provide you with comprehensive IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) to ensure that you chose a study programme to suit your individual needs.

You will select an appointment time and the interview will last approximately 40-50 minutes (invitations will be sent by post and the date and time of your interview will also show in your online application account).

Parents/Guardians are most welcome to accompany you to the interview but they do not have to attend.

Further interviews for late applications will be scheduled for the summer term.



Keeping In Touch


After your interview we know you need to focus on your studies so we will only contact you if absolutely essential.  We are here if you need any information, advice or guidance, of course. 

You may also wish to take a look at a short film all about life at Havering Sixth Form.





During our Freshers’ Days  you will be able to sample taster lessons in your chosen subjects as well as in other subjects that may be of interest to you. It will also give you an opportunity to experience the friendly College atmosphere, look around our facilities and meet some of our teachers. 

The Freshers’ Day will prepare you for your studies in September with guidance and support to ensure that your entry to the College is as smooth as possible.

Please refer to the College's Financial Information and Implications for further details of deposits, charges and financial assistance.

We know that in the past students have really enjoyed and gained a great deal from taking part in Fresher’s so we encourage you to keep these dates free.  If you have a prior commitment we understand, however, and will provide you with information you need to join us in September.



Exam Results


GCSE results day is on Thursday 20th August 2020

You do not need to bring your results in to College on this day.
If you wish to change your subject(s) as a result of your grades achieved, you may discuss this option during your enrolment interview.

If you have not achieved the required grades for the subject(s) you have chosen, you may discuss an alternative programme of study during your enrolment interview.

A telephone helpline will be available for other enquiries.  




Late August/Early September

You and your parents/guardians will attend an interview at the College to confirm your enrolment.  This should take between 40 and 60 minutes.

If you are unable to attend the Interview because of a prior commitment, you can still be enrolled on your chosen subjects in your absence if you have achieved the required grades, as long as you have informed us in writing and have provided the College with copies of your GCSE results together with a letter signed and dated by you and your parent/guardian, stating the subject(s) you wish to study.  You must attend an alternative enrolment interview when you are available to confirm your enrolment and sign paperwork.

If you cannot attend the interview and you have not achieved the required grades for the subject(s) you have chosen, you must attend an alternative enrolment interview when you are available to discuss an alternative programme of study.




Early September

Induction marks the start of your year at the College.
During your Induction, you will collect your timetable and your ID card and have a meeting with a coach.

You will also meet the Principal and Deputy Principal when we will help you to understand our culture and values and explain to you how you can best maximise your time with us. You will have an IT Induction and also complete an initial assessment of Literacy which will help us to support you through your time at College.  The experience will end with a tour of all of the spaces available for you to carry out independent study.  

At Induction you will also be given all of the materials that you need to get off to a great start here at College.