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Sociology AL 2-YR

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Course Level

Two year A Level course of 4x 70min lessons per week.

Course Summary

The study of Sociology can be a life-changing experience. Sociologists are passionately interested in the world around us, and this exciting and challenging course is for the curious and open-minded student, with the enthusiasm and desire to develop the skills necessary to challenge socially constructed ideas. Sociologists reflect on shared behaviours and the social forces at play, not only in Western societies but in cultures around the world, encouraging the growth of the empathetic sociological imagination. The course is assessed entirely by exams at the end of two years.

Course Information

Sociology A Level allows you to debate, discuss and research the very society in which you live. It seeks to encourage you to learn about social issues that affect your life and the lives of others and it aims to challenge conventional ways of thinking and to present alternative ideas, theories and lifestyles. Students will look at and assess sociological research methods such as surveys, interviews and participant observation.

You can expect to study:
  • Families and Households - Examining the family, its role in society and the division of labour in the home
  • Education - Analysing the history of education and achievement according to social class, ethnicity and gender
  • Crime and Deviance – the causes of and solutions to crime, and the impact of globalization on crime rates
  • Beliefs in Society - The role and impact of religion and ideology on society
  • The relationship between science, religion and ideology
  • Sociological theories examining why social life follows the patterns it does 
The exam structure is: Paper 1 - Education with Theory and Methods, Paper 2 - Topics in Sociology (Families and Households and Beliefs in Society), Paper 3 - Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.

Assessment Method

100% Exam


Students go on to professions such as journalism, law, the police force, teaching, nursing, health and media relations. In addition, research theory and methodology allows progression into market research, charity work, think tanks, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and local government.
Sociology can be combined with most subjects, but goes particularly well with Biology, French, Psychology, History, Religious Studies, Law, English and Business Studies.

Compulsory Cost


Workbooks: Year 1 = £5, Year 2 = £5

Average Points Score


The college uses a nationally recognised system for this calculation. Please note that grades do not correspond directly to points.
(Grade 9 = 8 points, Grade 8 = 7.67, Grade 7 = 7, Grade 6 = 6.33, Grade 5 = 5.67, Grade 4 = 5, Grade 3 = 4, Grade 2 = 3, Grade 1 = 1)

Qualification Type

A Level

Exam Board

AQA Exam Board