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Life at College


Your Study Programme will be made up of a one hour timetabled session with your coach, your core studies of 15-20 hours of timetabled lessons, the opportunity to take additional qualifications and the chance to engage in activities to enhance and enrich your time with us and to develop skills for the future.

Please browse the categories below to see the full range of timetabled enrichments on offer. You will be able to choose one or more of these at enrolment.

In addition, during your time with us you will have the opportunity to attend a range of events, taster sessions at universities and places of work, talks by visiting speakers, and a variety of other activities also.

Every week the bulletin of all of the activities taking place in College is emailed to all students and staff.

Enrichment - Be Active 

These enrichments are designed to aid your physical well-being as well as fostering team work and social skills.

Enrichment Description
Badminton From novice to team player, all standards welcome.
Recreational Basketball Coaching sessions from the Assistant Coach of Basketball England for the U16 Women’s team.
Recreational Football Daily kick-about sessions every lunchtime.  All standards welcome. 
Recreational Sports

Dodgeball, Handball, Table Tennis

Netball All Welcome
Enrichment - Connect 

These enrichments are designed to develop understanding of how we connect with one another, communications skills, empathy and, in some cases provide experiences where skill develops through practice.

Enrichment Description
Dungeons  & Dragons For classic retro gamers.
Jazz Band Staff led. You must be able to play an instrument. Repertoire includes jazz, funk, soul and blues.
Smash Bros Players of the smash bros. series are welcome for beginners and experts. Regular games and occasionally a tournament.
Enrichment- Give  

These enrichments are designed to help you to better understand yourself and to develop communication skills, understand how we connect with others and also be involved in activities that benefit others. 

Enrichment Description
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme A fun adventure and a major challenge! Three progressive award levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold - and a wide range of activities offer endless possibilities for students. Push personal boundaries and enhance your CVs and university applications.
RAG Society (Raise and Give) The RAG (Raise and Give) Society is the perfect opportunity to get involved in fundraising and charity events. You will have the opportunity to learn valuable project management, events management, and fundraising skills by designing, organising, and implementing RAG events throughout the year.
Enrichment - Keep Learning 

These enrichments are designed to provide a new learning experience whilst developing your communication skills. 

Enrichment Description
HSFC Magazine Write articles, and work with the design and publishing team to produce our magazine.
Enrichment Medical Careers Students achieving all A* and A grades or equivalent at GCSE who wish to pursue a medical-related career - Medicine, Dentistry, Registered Nursing and other clinical careers - have the opportunity to become part of the Medics.  These students are timetabled in a dedicated coaching group and participate in a 2-hour weekly enrichment programme that provides the skills needed to excel in their chosen field and to ensure they are fully prepared for the rigorous university entrance process that ensues.
Enrichment Maths for University Supports students thinking of studying Maths at University.
Contemporary Music Enrichment Contemporary Music is an enrichment for musicians of all levels to play as a band, even if they do not study music. The group learn songs of their choice and play them live at our college music concerts. It's a great place to build confidence and meet like minded students.
Film Enrichment Aimed at Film students but anyone is welcome. The screening is followed by a discussion.
Enrichment - Take Notice

These enrichments are designed to develop empathy, understanding of how we connect with others, communication skills and awareness of wider society.

Enrichment Description
Christian Union A place to meet to discuss and debate the Christian faith.
LGBTQ Meet and discuss sexuality as well as discussing LGBTQ+ themes in books, arts, music and other popular culture.
The Debate Society The debate society is open to all students who wish to discuss matters of current affairs.