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Individual A Level Success 2018

Overjoyed students celebrated individual successes as A Level results were revealed at Havering Sixth Form College in Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch.

One student achieved 3 A*s while many more achieved at least two A*s.  Eight students have been offered places at Medical Schools to study Medicine and one student will be going to Cambridge University.

Principal Paul Wakeling was delighted with the overall pass rate of 96.6% which is the highest it has been in the last six years.

An impressive number of students have gained places at top universities or have secured apprenticeships or employment.


Jordon Wilson

Jordan Wilson was the top performing student in College with 3 A*s in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. The former Gaynes School student, who will be studying Maths at the University of Warwick, said he was surprised and amazed when he saw his results. He said: “It has been hard work but it has been worth it for these grades. My parents were ecstatic when I told them this morning. I’ve had a great time at College, the teachers have been exceptional and I’ve found it has been a really lovely environment here. “I’m looking forward to going to Warwick to study Maths. There is no secret to my success really, I just made sure I revised thoroughly – often but not too intense - and I did lots of past papers. I prioritized what I needed to learn.”

Zak Green

Zak Green achieved two A*s in Government & Politics and History and an A grade in English Literature. The former Albany School student will be studying for a degree in European Legal Studies at the University of Kent. He said: “I’m so pleased and still can’t quite believe my History grade because I actually got an E in my mock exams! I’ve had a roller-coaster of a time in the last few months – I had hopes of getting into Cambridge University but was turned down after my interview. It took me a month to get over the disappointment and I found it hard to study after that. But then I realized I was throwing away all my hard work, so I picked myself back up and started revising properly again. Now I’m looking forward to going to Kent and after my degree I aim to get into commercial and sports law.”

Lauren Cook

Lauren Cook will be studying History and Politics at Warwick University after achieving two A* grades in English Literature and the Extended Project Qualification, an A grade in History and a B in Government & Politics.  Lauren, from Hornchurch, a former pupil at Abbs Cross School, said she was very nervous the night before Results Day and got hardly any sleep. She said: “It’s a huge relief it’s all over with now and I’m excited about going off to uni. I’m definitely out celebrating tonight with my friends! The teachers have been brilliant and I have found College a really positive environment.”

David Lapinskas

David Lipinskas, formerly of Gaynes School, achieved 2 A*s in Biology and Maths and an A grade in Chemistry. He will be going to study Medicine at King’s College, London. He said he was extremely pleased with his results and his family were very proud, but were not surprised.  He said: “They had faith in me and knew how hard I worked and they said they knew I would do it!” David was in our Medics group where students aiming for careers in Medicine take part in special Medical enrichment activities. He said: “The enrichment programme was helpful and I enjoyed my time at College.”

Precious Anekwe

Precious Anekwe achieved 3 straight As in Chemistry, Biology and Maths and is going on to study Medicine at Bristol University. The former Lammas School and Sixth Form student, who lives in Barking, juggled her studying between also representing the College in our Basketball team.

Zach Dubar

Zach Dubar will be studying Accounting & Finance at the University of Leeds after achieving two A*s in Accounts and Economics and a B grade in Maths. Zach, who lives in Upminster, is a former pupil at Hall Mead School and says he was shocked at his grades. He said: “I thought I would do quite well but not that well! I’m going out on the town tonight to celebrate.” He is hoping for a career in the City once he finishes his degree.

Anna Donoghue

Anna Donoghue will be studying Politics & International Relations at Warwick University after achieving 2 A* grades in Psychology and Extended Project Qualification, an A grade in Law and a B grade in History. Anna, a former student at Hall Mead School, says she worked very hard and was now looking forward to celebrating with her friends. She said: “I’m relieved and happy. The last couple of months have been awful. I’ve been in tears thinking I hadn’t got the grades I needed for Warwick and it’s been such a worry. But I’m so pleased and my parents are very proud.”

Aakash Vadher

Aakash Vadher achieved an A* in English Literature, an A in Government & Politics and a B in History. The former Albany School student who lives in Hornchurch, will be studying Law at the University of Kent.

Romy Backler

Romy Backler will be studying a Foundation degree in Art & Design at Camberwell, University of the Arts London, after achieving a Double Distinction* in Creative Media Production (Digital Publishing) and an A grade in Graphics A Level. The former Gaynes School pupil said she was so relieved when she saw the results she started crying. “I was so happy I burst into tears,” she said. Romy, who won a national award for a social media campaign in a competition run by the Victoria & Albert Museum while she was at College, is hoping to eventually have a career as a Graphic Designer.

Nadia Mohd Shawal

Nadia Mohd Shawal achieved an A grade in History and two B grades in Chemistry and Biology. She will be going to study Microbiology at the University of Manchester. The former Albany School pupil was a Student Ambassador and says she has loved her time at College. “I’ve had a great time – it has been so much fun and I have made many good friends. All the extra opportunities I have had has added to the experience and I will be really sad to go.

Charles Innes

Charlie Innes will be taking a gap year before doing Asian & Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge University after achieving two A*s in English Literature and History and a C grade in French. Charlie was Chair of the Student Council and was very involved with the College Community, giving much of his spare time to help improve the College for fellow students. He said: “I was disappointed with my French grade as I was predicted a lot higher but I am thrilled that I managed to get into Cambridge. My experience of College has been great – I have enjoyed the independence and I have gained many new skills.”

Tanya Tew-Gunner

Tanya Tew-Gunner achieved an A* in Sociology, two As in Chemistry and Biology and two Bs in Criminology and AS Maths. The former Forest Gate Community School pupil will be studying Sociology with Criminology at the University of Greenwich. She said: “I started my revision early and made sure I had a plan. If you do small amounts regularly you are able to keep on top of all the work.”

Zaima Lalmahomed

Zaima Lalmahomed, formerly of Grays Convent High School, will study Modern Languages at UCL (University College London) after achieving an A* in Spanish, an A in French and a B in English Literature. Zaima was a Student Ambassador for the College and recently received an award for making a significant contribution to the College Community.

Amy Greenhill

Amy Greenhill achieved an A* in Sociology, an A in Law and 2 Bs in English Language and Psychology. The former Hall Mead pupil who is hoping to become a Barrister, will study Law at Bristol University. She said: “I wasn’t expecting to get an A* - I’m amazed! I didn’t sleep all night thinking about today, so it’s a real relief because I knew I needed to get good grades to get into Bristol.”

Perez Yanney

Perez Yanney, formerly of Sanders School, will be studying International Relations & Politics at the University of Nottingham after achieving an A in Government & Politics, a B in History and a C in Economics. Perez had excellent attendance to lessons at College and worked very hard, putting in a lot of individual study.